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EDS IN LINNICH Three generations of the Emunds family have already been designing and producing components, machines and finished products - first at well-known companies in the surrounding area, then at their own production site in Linnich. SMALL TWISTS MAKE UP BIG MOVES As mechanical engineers, we have learned to be extremely accurate about things. Because if the cog doesn't turn, the wheel also stands still. So when it comes to quality and precision, we accept no com-


Your wish is our command? That’s right. Nevertheless, we do not see ourselves as mere execution assistants, but as your partner at eye level for optimal component development and production. After all, our success and the steady growth of our company is largely based on the success of our customers. Which is why we not only give our best with every new order – we are constantly expanding our knowledge and our machines park in order to be able to break new grounds together with you.

Our customers also have learned to rely on our experience, our technical know-how and our knowledge of materials. They rightly count on the fact that we are flexible enough to do things differently than we are used to. We show our gratitude for their trust with a high degree of responsibility, careful work and punctual deliveries – no matter what the scope of the respective order.

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