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Precision in metal

EDS was one of the first mechanical engineering companies in the region to produce stainless steel components of outstanding quality. As such, we continue to supply plant components to a particularly large number of customers in the food processing industry.

Präzision in Metall

Your benefit: We have a large stock of food-grade, stainless steels and aluminum. Which means you are less dependent on the usual material delivery times. So, if required, things can get going very quickly – for example in case you should need some components for prototypes or individual spare parts.

EDS performance characteristics regarding chipping and machining processes

Many industries – flexible production techniques

Our customer base also includes well-known companies from the semiconductor and energy sectors, the automotive industry as well as the chemical and petrochemical industries. We manufacture ready-to-install machine parts for them from steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastics. From vacuum valves to tank lids and shut-off valves – we have the know-how and the suitable machines to execute the order both precisely and rationally.

Systematic manufacturing processes, consistent quality inspection

Globalization makes it all too clear: Even if the material is right and a machine component has been manufactured in accordance with the drawing – the produced parts never really are the same. At EDS, we therefore rely on cross-departmental process control, a powerful CAD-CAM system, state-of-the-art production machines and precise measurement technology for component testing.

The orders placed, calculations, the quote preparation, material ordering – nothing bypasses our ERP system. Thereby, resources are secured and the production plans that have been drawn up are consistently followed up. When it is time for the desired component, it is programmed followed by the production steps coordinated by a control station.All workpieces undergo a final inspection. And, of course, the trained eyes of our employees also help to ensure that everything runs correctly during the production process itself. Our high-precision measuring methods ensure consistently high quality. And the CNC measuring machines, form measuring devices and video measuring microscopes themselves are also subject to continuously defined controls. The recorded data can be statistically evaluated and the process, if need be, refined.

Reliable service up until shipping and delivery

Whatever leaves our factory halls can be traced back at any time thanks to conscientious product labeling – normally by needle embossing on the finished machine and plant components. In addition, we are authorized to restamp and are able to document customer specifications on an order or batch basis.

From the tiniest washer up to the 4-ton piece

Admittedly, the EDS is not all that big in comparison. But it is all the more flexible. Our around 40 employees operate the over 30 conventional and CNC-controlled sawing, grinding and milling machines on site as well as the lathes and multi-axis machining centers at our machine park with ease. Every move is perfect, because most of them are not only well-educated specialists, they are also consistently trained. This enables us to manufacture small and large parts as single pieces or in series in high quality and yet extremely efficiently.

Standardized quality

In order to guarantee the reproducibility of the product in the same quality, all work steps in the manufacturing process are recorded, documented and archived by our CAD-CAM system. Standardization is supported by a modern tool output system, which always provides the same tools and measuring equipment when a machine or plant component is manufactured repeatedly. An automated process that also guarantees the availability of tools and measuring equipment.

Final material treatments/Finishing


  • For aluminum components: anodizing, hard-coating, PTFE coating
  • For stainless steel components: electrochemical polishing, glass bead blasting, brushing, vibratory grinding
  • For steel components: phosphating, burnishing, painting, galvanizing, nickel-plating


  • For steel components: tempering, hardening, gas and plasma nitriding


  • Independent of material: Hardness testing, US testing, OR testing

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